Delaware Families INC is offering for the 1st time in Delaware, Feldenkrais therapy to  individuals and adults!

Traditional therapies, like physical therapy, often create an atmosphere of tension, where one is forced to remain in fixed positions causing them pain. Feldenkrais uses gentle, noninvasive touch, and verbal instruction, to guide in a personalized movement process.

It’s a system of neuromuscular reeducation, it does not work with diseases or conditions, but rather the whole self, giving him or her tools to reach one’s fullest potential.

If you want change, improve movement, you have to inform the muscles, bones, and joints through the brain.  It is the brain that drives movement and the brain has the ability to learn or relearn after injury or damage.

The program is for children and even adults who need help with injuries, or pain,  enrich their lives and abilities to become more independent.

Its for ANYONE dealing with stress, pain, neurological, orthopedic.  to  "improve and empower by expanding awareness to experience excellence physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Learn more about Feldenkrais at

CONTACT Sarah Wyshock Wolfe, LCSW, at 302-423-8123 or to offer your financial gift of support for Delaware Feldenkrais and/or learn more about the program.

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Sarah Wyshock-Wolfe, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


*Since November 2010 through present :
Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) and Delaware Families Inc contract to provide monthly mental health services to residents of DSHA

*Summer 2013:
Delaware Families Inc provided 8  SUCCESSFUL summer camp programs throughout Kent and Sussex County